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85 Most Romantic Love Quotes to Help You Express Your Passion

Need the perfect words for the perfect person? These love quotes can help if you're feeling a bit tongue-tied.Love quotes guaranteed to make you swoon

In the words of Johnny Cash: Love is a burning thing. New love, old love, love that fizzled and then sparked again—it’s all magnificent and wondrous. Each love story is packed with emotions and experiences that shape those involved. While it may seem impossible to sum up your relationship in a couple words, sometimes, we need a simple love quote or two to capture the essence of our relationships.

That’s what this list is for: to give you the best quotes about relationships, love, and finding that special someone. Some of these quotes are uplifting, whereas others are quite funny or deeply romantic. Each relationship is different, so read on and see which one perfectly sums up your union. Then, make sure you browse through these wonderful love poems for more romantic words.“I love you” quotes

1. “I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”—Paul Coelho, The Alchemist 

2. “I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.”―Pablo Neruda

3. “I love you to the moon and back.”—Sam McBratney, Guess How Much I Love You

4. “Say ‘I love you’ out loud and often.”—Mary Davis, Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace

5. “For you see, each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”—Rosemonde Gerard

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6. “He is fairer than the morning star, and whiter than the moon. For his body I would give my soul, and for his love I would surrender heaven.”—Oscar Wilde

7. “The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.”—Marilyn Monroe

8. “Falling for him would be like cliff diving. It would be either the most exhilarating thing that ever happened to me or the stupidest mistake I’d ever make.”—Colleen Houck, Tiger’s Curse

9. “As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”—John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

10. “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”—Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

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11. “The simple lack of her is more to me than others’ presence.”—George Thomas

12. “I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”—Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

13. “I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self-respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”—F. Scott Fitzgerald

14. “I felt her absence. It was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. You wouldn’t need to run to the mirror to know they were gone.”—James Dashner, The Scorch Trials

15. “Till my last day, I’ll be loving you.”—Unknown

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16. “My heart beats faster as you take my hand, my love grows stronger as you touch my soul.” —A.C. Van Cherub

17. “We lie in each other’s arms eyes shut and fingers open and all the colors of the world pass through our bodies like strings of fire.”—Marge Piercy

18. “You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to Earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.”—Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago

19. “I can listen no longer in silence. I must speak to you by such means as are within my reach. You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope…I have loved none but you.”—Jane Austen, Persuasion

20. “I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had.”—Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

21. “Because of you, I can feel myself slowly, but surely, becoming the me I have always dreamed of being.”—Tyler Knott Gregson

22. “Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath.”—Eve Glicksman

23. “In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”—Maya Angelou

24. “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”―Friedrich Nietzsche

25. “It isn’t possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.”—E.M. Forster, A Room With a View

26. “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

27. “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! / For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”—William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

28. “Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get—only with what you are expecting to give—which is everything.”—Katharine Hepburn

29. “If one day the moon calls you by your name don’t be surprised, because every night I tell her about you.”—Shahrazad al-Khalij. Don’t forget to share these good night quotes to inspire the sweetest dreams.

30. “The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only.”—Victor Hugo, Les Misérables31. “Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”—Franklin P. Jones32. “I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.”—William Blake

33. “It’s like in that moment the whole universe existed just to bring us together.”—Serendipity

34. “Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”—Bruce Lee

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35. “Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.”—Sarah Bernhardt

36. “Chemistry is you touching my arm and setting fire to my mind.”—Nayyirah Waheed

37. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”—Lao Tzu

38. “If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.”―Jane Austen, Emma

39. “Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.”—Zelda Fitzgerald

40. “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”—Pablo Neruda

41. “If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.”—Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

42. “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”—Robert Frost

43. “If I know what love is, it is because of you.”—Herman Hesse

44. “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.”—Leo Christopher45. “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”—Aristotle

46. “The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.”—Blaise Pascal47. “Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.”—Rumi48. “All love is sweet—given or returned.”—Percy Bysshe Shelley 49. “Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.”—Emily Dickinson50. “Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be.”—Robert Browning51. “There is no remedy for love but to love more.”—Henry David Thoreau

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52. “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”—The Princess Bride

53. “True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.”—Francois de la Rochefoucauld

54. “True love has no expiration date.”—Unknown

55. “I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”—Angelita Lim

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