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Dictionary Quotes includes most popular, most emailed, and most rated quotes , a personalized quotation book to save your favorite quotes, and a daily quote via email.Quote of the daybombinate30/11/21 - verb intr.: To buzz or hum.Subscribe to Quotes of the DaySubscribe to Quotes of the Day with our Email Service.Daily QuotationsCollection of Daily Quotations.Easily add a quote of the day to your page with JavascriptUse our JavaScript quote generator to add a Quote Of The Day to your site.Random QuoteGet a different random quote from Dictionary Quotes each time.New quotationsRalph Novak27/11/21 - “Reading this book is like waiting for the first shoe to drop.”

Peter Stone08/11/21 - “‘So you think *I’m* the murderer? What do I have to do to convince you that I’m not, be the next victim?’/ ‘Well, that would be a start.'”New QuotesNew quotes approved which would make a fine addition to the Dictionary Quotes.Quotes awaiting approvalWe manually review the contributions for inclusion.Submit a QuoteList of Top Quotes Authors viewed.

A Course In Miracles African Proverb American Indian Proverb Arabian Proverb Aristotle Jane Austen Henry Ward Beecher Bible Jacques BeNigne Bossuet Emily Bronte H. Jackson Brown Jr. Robert Browning Lord Chesterfield Chinese Proverb Chuang Tzu Samuel Taylor Coleridge Danish Proverb Denis Diderot Diogenes of Sinope Lawrence Durrell Wayne Dyer Ralph Waldo Emerson English Proverb Epictetus Benjamin Franklin French Proverb Greek Proverb Thomas Hardy Hebrew Proverb George Herbert Doug Horton Indian Proverb Italian Proverb Jean De La Fontaine Walter Savage Landor Latin Proverb Walter Lippmann Persian Proverb Francis Picabia Portuguese Proverb Ronald Reagan Antoine De Saint-Exupery William Shakespeare George Bernard Shaw Percy Bysshe Shelley Spanish Proverb Turkish Proverb Source Unknown Voltaire Yiddish ProverbAuthor QuotesTop Quotes AuthorsTop Quotes.Top Rated QuotesTop Rated Quotes : Most Popular Quotes.Top Emailed QuotesQuotes most frequently e-mailed by Dictionary Quotes readers.

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