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Free Digital Marketing Quotation Sample Template (PDF) - Bonsai

Every digital marketing business today, whether it's offering professional services or products, need a robust tool to generate quotation templates for their customers. While some of them prefer to use customized software to gather customer information and generate quotations quickly, others prefer to use digital marketing quotation PDF templates to print their own quotations easily and quickly.

Whether you're a freelancer, digital marketing agency, or a consultancy, a digital marketing quotation PDF can help you craft and send quotes to clients and effectively pitch your services.

Image credits: vertex42.com1. What is a digital marketing quotation?

A digital marketing quotation is a legally binding digital marketing agreement between a vendor and a customer to deliver products and/or services at a predefined price. In other words, it is essentially an estimate template. When the customer accepts the given quote, it is then converted to an invoice.

This quote template is specially designed for digital marketers. With it, they can easily generate quotes in PDF formats for their clients.

Digital marketing quotation PDF helps you prepare a great quote with all the aspects that your prospective clients will appreciate. Put simply, it is a quotation provided by the digital marketers to their potential clients communicating to them their deliverables and service charges. 

It also allows clients to identify missing deliverables and tasks that should be included along with checking the validity of the project for record purposes. 

One of the best features of the digital marketing quotation PDF template is its fully customizable nature that can be easily deployed on clients' digital marketing business' front-lines.

Image credits: templatesbash.com2. Benefits of a digital marketing quotation template

Here are some of the benefits of a well-made digital marketing quotation sample:Gives information about various digital marketing services offered, along with pricing details for a custom digital marketing solution based on clients' needs.The template allows the clients to edit the copy, images, design and layout to fit their specific business, brand, and project requirements.With a customizable digital marketing quotation PDF template, agencies and digital marketers can communicate to their clients about how they're going to capture their target market and stand out from competitors in the industry.3. Inclusions in your digital marketing quotation sample

Some of the most common elements in digital marketing quotation PDF templates include:3.1. Project summary in your digital marketing quotation

This section of the template should clearly identify the client's business need that made them seek help in expanding their digital presence. It should also specify a quick overview of their goals and current perception by customers in the digital marketplace.3.2. Project deliverables in your digital marketing quotation template

Project deliverables section of the digital marketing quotation PDF should focus on services (marketing, creative, and technical) that will be used to meet the client's challenge along with outcomes in terms of engagement, conversions, increased website traffic, and better ROI that the services will provide.

Image credits: edrawsoft.com3.3. Scope of work in your digital marketing quotation template

The template should create a detailed summary of all the deliverables mentioned in the previous section to create a brief reference point that the clients can return to, to assess the success of the project.3.4. Process and strategy in your digital marketing quotation template

The section should specify the various strategies such as content marketing, web design and development, PPC ads, social media, etc., that will be used to deliver the proposed digital solution.3.5. Timelines and a proposed schedule in your digital marketing quotation template

This section of a digital marketing quotation PDF should clearly outline the details of how the project will move forward and which deliverables to expect when.3.6. Investment in your digital marketing quotation template

The section articulates the details of the total amount it will take for every digital solution to take effect.Conclusion

Marketers and digital agencies generally find quotation as a boring and monotonous job, but the client wants to check everything thoroughly before hiring.

Digital marketing quotation PDF  can be an effective tool in such a scenario that can allow them to stay ahead of the competition. Apart from providing the pricing details in advance, the document also outlines the purpose of the quote to persuade prospective clients for a specific marketing project.

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