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Free Invoice App

Easily organize your billing w ith Bitrix24’s free quoting and invoicing software. Perfect for large and small businesses, you get an all-round business tool that goes way beyond simply quoting and invoicing.

Your CRM lets you grow your relationship with your customers, and quotes and invoices are just one part of that. With so many integrations, you can talk to your clients on whatever platform they want and keep a record of all interactions and billing in one place. When you’re ready to send the invoice, in just a click of a button, you can send it by email or print it as a PDF.

Unlimited quotes and invoices for free

Sending quotes should be a part of making money, not a business expense, so the best quoting and invoicing software should give you unlimited quotes and invoices all for free. Bitrix24 offers all this as well as project management, communication, and task management tools.

But not all of your quotes have to be the same. You can attach a range of special discounts to loyal or new customers, and watch the positive reviews come rolling in. If you have international clients, Bitrix24’s quote making software lets you apply the correct taxation procedures and currencies, cutting down on the monotonous work.

Customize your quotes and invoices with a click

Whatever the size of your business, it’s always a good idea to include customizable elements to your business quotation software. Bitrix24’s online invoice and quote program comes with customizable fields and statuses that you can set up to make each quote unique to the needs of you and your clients.

You can add all your branding to make your quotes and invoices instantly recognizable, then get to filling in the rest of your document. Populate the fields of your quotes and invoices with products from your catalog or fill in those details manually—it’s up to you.

Allow your clients to make their own quotes

Often, your clients aren’t quite committed enough to talk to your sales team about a quote, and your agents are probably too busy to deal with every request. But with Bitrix24’s all-in-one business tool, there are some clever ways of using your online price quote software.

Set up a form on your website and encourage your customers to fill it out online, saving your team time. What’s more, you can integrate your form with your CRM and require an email address to send your clients their results. This is a fantastic way of getting marketing-qualified leads at no cost to your company.

Store all your records on one central CRM

Keep records of all your contacts in your free CRM. Bitrix24’s customer relationship manager allows all of your team members to track each contact, leaving important notes so no details fall through the gaps. With up to 12 users available on the free version, this CRM is perfect for small and medium-sized enterprises.

With a joint system, any of your sales agents can jump into any client’s file and pick up the slack if a team member is off sick. This helps you keep your quote generation software running like a well-oiled machine as you send out punctual invoices.

Use automations to improve your efficiency

With Bitrix24’s free invoice and quote software, small businesses can cut out the unnecessary admin work that comes with invoicing. If you send all your invoices on a specific day, set a reminder in your team calendar, or assign a team task in your task management software.

Once a job is done, you can receive a notification to sign off on a job as soon as possible, then assign the invoicing stage to your team member. Bitrix24 comes with a full range of free workflow automations that you can test to see what works best for your team.

Integrate your invoicing software with other tools

Further improve your team’s efficiency with smart integrations with other apps. With Bitrix24’s free quoting and invoicing software, you can link popular payment apps, such as Paypal, as well as accounting apps like Xero. This gives your clients more freedom in how they interact with you and you can meet them on their terms.

As with automations, these integrations allow you to streamline your quote generation software and remove as many moving parts as possible.

Add customer support options to your invoices

Sure, with so many automations and integrations, it’s unlikely that you’ll be making mistakes on your invoices. However, mistakes do happen, and it’s important to have options immediately available for your clients.

Bitrix24’s free quoting and invoicing software allows you to add communication information to your documents, so your clients can get in touch if there are any errors. Leave your agent’s email address or a company phone number alongside your branding, and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

All your processes on all your devices

Bitrix24 can be adapted to any device, so you can use your quoting software for Mac or Windows, iOS or Android, and desktop or mobile.

This flexibility is ideal for teams that need to move physically. Travelling sales people can use their time in transit to follow up on emails, contact clients and plan their day ahead. Of course, your free quoting and invoicing software is included on all your platforms, so your team can stay up to date wherever they are.

Start using your free quoting and invoicing software today

When you sign up for Bitrix24, you get so much more than just a quote invoice tool. You’ll take control of an all-round business app that covers all areas of your company. From marketing and sales, to project management and HR, Bitrix24 comes with everything you need—and all for free.

Eight million companies already rely on Bitrix24 for their office needs, so if you’re looking for quoting and invoicing software that will streamline your business, get started for free today!

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

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