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Insurance Quotes: Instant Insurance Quote for Auto, Home & More

Get the Best Insurance Quotes on Auto, Home, Travel, Life & More, all in one place.COVID-19 Update

These are uncertain times, but one thing that is certain is our commitment to you. As an online business, we’re set up to help you remotely so you can still take care of your insurance decisions.

To learn about financial relief offered by insurance companies, and use our rebate calculator, see our COVID-19 insurance relief guide.

How to get the cheapest insurance quote

Four easy steps to compare quotes from 30+ insurance companies in five minutes or less

Tell us a little bit about your vehicle, driving & car insurance history.

Compare your car insurance quotes from more than 30 top insurance companies.

Pick the insurance policy that's right for you to connect directly with the insurance professional of your choice.Get Quotes Now

We've got hundreds of 5 star reviews1,741 reviews on TrustPilot.See some of the reviews here.

Quick reply and supportQuick reply and supportNow have new insurance

Brokers vary but the last one I dealt…Brokers vary but the last one I dealt with - Justin Farr - was great.Friendly, knowledgeable, thorough.

Auto and home insuranceExcellent service

Amazing!!I needed to get auto insurance for a new car purchase. When my dad called his insurance company to add me to his policy they quoted him almost $6,000.00/year. I am 23 years old and am just starting out in life and this was so unaffordable! My dad then went on InsuranceHotline.com and started shopping around for me. Within minutes we had at least 8 quotes from reputable insurers. An agent from InsuranceHotline called us back right away and connected us with a broker right away. We purchased the insurance for my car that same day and I saved 50%. I was so very happy!!InsuranceHotline.com is absolutely amazing!!!

Very much helpful for getting auto and…Very much helpful for getting auto and home quotations , on line , without any need to contact the agents etc. In person, thus saving time and money as well.Day to day informations about the prevalent rules of law about driving on roads and other related matters like auto claims and many other things are very helpful for a common driver, which keeps one informed, when in need.

Just fine and I am going to transfer to…Just fine and I am going to transfer to Pembridge ASAP.

I requested Quote on line recieved…I requested Quote on line recieved several quotes with in minutesRecieved a call with in a few more minutesspoke with a broker within the next few minutes the lowest quote was explained and reviewed with meThere was a substantial savings to be had

Ive been using this IH.com for yearsIve been using this IH.com for years. I use them every couple years (or when i trade in my car). Ive referred them to mom and family and everyone has saved 100's if not 1000's per year. I just did a quote and my rate is dropping another $492 per year with brand new lease 2022. Honestly have nothing but good things to say about my "relationship" with insurance hotline.com over the years.

It was very easy to use online and did…It was very easy to use online and did get me the insurance and information I was looking for. I called and got hook up to the insurance company that chose easy to use

Great way to get insurance from a…Great way to get insurance from a reputable company. Very satisfied with the terms and price.Thankyou

Audi insuranceYou girls were very helpful, thank you so much. 🤗

The response/communications were…The response/communications were surprisingly quick, and the savings even better!Well worth the 5 mins of my time.

Powered by Why compare insurance quotes from different insurance companies?

Comparing car insurance rates from different companies is the easiest way to save on car insurance, plain and simple. Different companies offer substantially different rates for the same coverage and to the same driver. Here’s why comparing insurance quotes from different insurance companies matters:Car insurance companies compete: Car insurance providers are regulated under their provincial governing body, but in private markets such as in Ontario, Alberta, and the majority of Canada, car insurance companies operate independently from one another and compete just like any other business.Your rates depend in part on your company’s claims: A company’s ability to offer you great rates depends not just on your insurance record and driving history, but on their claims history as well. If they’ve processed a lot of claims, their average premiums will be higher.Your rates also depend in part on your risk group at that particular company: All insurance companies put you in a risk group based on statistical data combined with your age, marital status, driving record and insurance history. Some groups are more likely to make insurance claims than other groups. Let’s say you’re considered part of a particular risk group that happens to make a lot of claims with that particular insurance company, that means you’d face higher premiums at that company than you might at others.Your risk group might be less at another insurer: Just because one insurer has processed a lot of claims for your particular risk group, doesn’t mean they all have. If you find a significantly lower rate with another company, it may be in part because that company has had better luck with your risk group.Standard auto insurance policies are the same: The basic auto insurance coverage mandated by your province is the same at all companies, which means all insurance companies are quoting you on the same thing.

In markets such as in the United Kingdom, comparing car insurance quotes on aggregator sites such as this one is the most popular way to shop for insurance. We’re slower to adapt in North America, but more and more, savvy shoppers are recognizing the value of comparison shopping every day.

Compare car insurance quotes today to see if you could be getting a better rate with another company, and join the millions of Canadians who have saved on their auto insurance.

Over $4.4 million in car insurance premiums saved last year

Canadians save millions year after year

There are manyways to save on your insurance premiums, but none are more effective thanshopping around. With auto insurance, for example, drivers saved over $4.4 million in premiums last year alone bycomparing quotes with InsuranceHotline.com.

Whether you’relooking to pay less for your auto insurance, home insurance, or maybe you’regoing on a trip and need travel insurance; getting insurance quotes atInsuranceHotline.com is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

We want to help you save money on insurance because we're drivers, homeowners and travellers too, and we know that everyone loves the feeling they get when they know they're getting a good deal.

Get a quote that is 26% less than the average market rate.*

All it takes is a few minutes to compare quotes from our network of over 30 insurers.

There’s no catch or fine print; our service is absolutely free for you to use.

Tell us a little about yourself and your car in three easy steps. That’s really all there is to it!

Your details are secure. Look for a locked padlock in your browser as well as https.

Your privacy is important to us and we never share your details without your consent.

*Based on the difference between the average lowest auto insurance premium and overall average auto insurance premium from our site in 2019.

Comparison shopping can help you save!

Insurance rates are always changing. Take car insurance, for example. In many provinces, rates change every three months. Car insurance companies typically apply to their respective regulating board to have their rates either increased or decreased. This means that even if you were getting the best rate two years ago, you might not be getting the best rate today. It's just the nature of the car insurance industry, which is why these same regulating boards recommend drivers shop around and compare rates from at least three different car insurance companies before purchasing a policy. 

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