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Melting the icecaps one bitcoin at a time.

a guy in argentina had himself tattooed with a QR code that would show you a video of a super exciting moment in argentine football

and then the video got taken down

Now the qr code says something like, page missing, or video is unavailable, so that sucks


Guy should have done Rick Roll

his tattoo gave him up, it let him down

But it will never desert him.

kirch | I told me kid about meetings this morning - he asked if they bring you meat - I said no - he said "not even a single piece of salami?"

+janitor | :D

@kirch | he was just incredulous that they were named after meat, but had no meat.

+janitor | I can see why, he's right too.

Pretty sure something just exploded next door

but I still have power so I'm okay

Exploding things next door tend to not be good...

There's no screaming (the neighbors whose house the sound came from have like 6 kids), so I guess it's okay

Either it was insignificant enough not to warrant screaming, or they all perished in the blast

so I'm new to irc what's a half op?

and why do some people have + % and @

as prefixes

<+Smegma_Sandwich> Well, if you are delicious, you get a +

<+Smegma_Sandwich> If you are gay, you get a %

<+Smegma_Sandwich> And if you are gay and also a meth addict, you get a @

check and check

give me an @

Honestly I wasn't opposed to circumcision until I had my own son, I hadn't thought much about it previously. It was swicked who was decidedly against it first and then I agreed with him

Well, I wouldn't get it done to _my_ son, but it just doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to have the state intervene in.

       I think it's pretty reasonable to intervene when someone is about to permanently mutilate their kid in a way that cannot be reversed and has potentially nontrivial impacts on the rest of their life.

You're making a mountain out of a mohel

< duoi> how do i stop getting my puter infected with adware when downloading porn

< skas> block ads

< skas> update os and antivir

< hdqn> next!

< duoi> but how will i find out about lonely singles in my local area

< hdqn> look into every window in the neighbourhood, if they're IRCing that's your best best

< hdqn> the shorter the handle, the longer the candle, if y'know what I mean

So I was just having a conversation with my fiance about Star Wars

particulary, about the choice of architecture

The amount of people who die from falling down bottomless pits is TO DAMN HIGH

like, who designs architecture like this?

catwalks with no guard rails whatsoever, just zigging and zagging through enormous voids

Giant holes to nowhere

・゜゜・。 ​ 。・゜゜​_ΓΈ< qu​ack!


MerryPenguin you befriended a duck in 3.166 seconds! You have made friends with 17 ducks in #trees.



It's by design

It's a cleaner look, for a more elegant time

like... who the fuck put this hole here????  and why????


Darth Maul falls down a hole

Palpatine falls down a hole

Solo falls down a hole

everyone falls down a hole

Star Wars universe needs OSHA

Luke falls down a hole

Boba Fett falls down a hole

yes.  yes.

I forgot about those!

R2D2 falls down a hole in the Millenium Falcon after he fixes the hyperdrive


we're onto something here

Obi Wan almost falls down a hole

C-3PO falls off the barge into the sand. Pretty close to falling down a hole.

his lightsabre does though

* MerryPenguin thinks hard about what other Star Wars Characters fall down holes

what if the hole is symbolic

the hole represents the dark side

Nah, doesn't work. Luke chooses to fall down the hole instead of joining Vader/The Dark Side

fair point

besides, emacs users are ripped

you wouldn't want to mess with one

the sheer strength of their fingers from reaching across their keyboard to use obscure keybindings can crush bones

I don't use dumbbells because they are dumb.

dumb in the sense that they don't speak

yeah that makes me feel lonely

barbells are pretty loquacious in comparison

which is why so many people wear headphones to drown them out

Scarecrow: i haven't figured out another way to get the same quality of simulation that is not super annoying to implement

KVETCH: yeah, it's similar sounds to when you sit at a bar - hence the name

and the bell is actually an abbreviation of belle, which is due to the hourglass shape of a fully loaded one

in fact "gym" is a cheeky spelling of "jim" as a reference to "jim carrey", which is in itself a play on words: Jim Carrey -> Jim Carry.  "Jim" used in the same sense as "john" in "john doe" and Carry implying lifting weights. So, basically a place where people lift

!choose do work, play games

Choice: do work


!choose listen to a stupid bot, don't listen to a stupid bot

Choice: listen to a stupid bot


i have a question about the english language: are parcel and packet synonym in any way?


packet is generally smaller

but they can be used interchangeably even with a large packet and a small parcel :)

hm.. :P

i think i can't receive parcels

Well if you're sending them over TCP probably not

:P very helpful

if you're sending them by UDP, UPS or Royal Mail however they'll likely be dropped anyway

<&Moltare> I tried teaching the twins about octothorpes

<&Moltare> I made a hash of it

Keep trying. In for a penny, in for a pound, after all.

you measure from butthole to tip right

I left my job today. I couldn't work for that man after what he said to me.

what did he say?

your fired

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