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The number one source of inspirational quotes about love, life, friendship and motivation along with some funny memes. I love inspiring quotes and I hope that this love shoves on my site.

Life is too busy and we’re often distracted. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to wish a friend, a family or someone special a wonderful birthday. … Read more

Milestones in relationships deserve to be recognized and celebrated. Making it work with someone you love by constantly choosing each other is a reminder that … Read more

Every woman is a queen. Her wisdom, her strength, her resilience, her compassion – everything that she is can work wonders. Queens pursue their passion, … Read more

For those who need to hear it, you’re awesome. Your attempts, your perseverance, your positive take on life despite your struggles – are awesome. If … Read more

The heart in each one of us makes us really see. We are moved by people and by moments because we perceive with feelings – … Read more

Wedding day is one of the meaningful anniversary for people all over the world. On that day, a couple might celebrate their wedding anniversary by a … Read more

If you are feeling stuck in a rut and you feel like you’re being weighed down by the monotony of your life, reading some motivational … Read more

Not everything about love is great. Sometimes, it comes with pain and sadness. It will make you cry and temporarily fill your heart with hatred, … Read more

Our fear of failure can get the best of us, if we let it. While our dreams fuel our motivation, doubts and insecurities also hinder … Read more

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher during the Spring and Autumn period, a period in Chinese history from roughly 771 to 476 BCE. Considered as one … Read more

When trying to achieve the life you dream of, your optimism can go a long way. Your positive take on things is what makes you … Read more

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