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Quotes that might help you todayPositive Quotes Hope Quotes Perseverance Quotes Courage Quotes Calm Quotes Meditation Quotes Focus Quotes Stoic Quotes Short Inspirational Quotes

Quotes that might give you answersSad Quotes Loneliness Quotes Pain Quotes Fear Quotes Stress Quotes Grief Quotes Death Quotes Mental Health Quotes Depression Quotes

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It’s a place to find quality quotes and inspiration.

It’s a place for calm, beauty and simplicity.

It’s a place to become wiser slowly (since we don’t believe in shortcuts).

It’s a place where we put people first.

I started collecting quotes in 2004.

My girlfriend had just died in a car accident.

After that, I began my quest to find the most inspiring quotes.

But most of all, I wanted to find some relief.

In a way, quotes became my guide.

I still use quotes daily as a way to think, learn and grow.

So if you want, try it yourself. Quotes are powerful.

They can change you and your life for the better.

Thanks, Maxime Lagac├ęDon’t know where to start?

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