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Wise SMS Quotes & text messages collection in english & urdu

Very nice collection of wise quotes, wise words, wise saying, old wise saying and wise sms quotes in English, hindi and roman urdu.

You get to know who your friends are

(24 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

When you are up in life,Your friends get to know who you are.

When you are down in life,You get to know who your friends are...

6 rules to be HAPPY

(27 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5)

6 rules to be HAPPY:Free your heart from hatred;Free your mind from worries;Live simply;Expect less;Give more & Always have ME as UR FRIEND

Speak less to people whom u love most

(52 votes, average: 4.15 out of 5)

Speak less to people whom u love most.....Because if they cant understand ur silence.....They can never understand your words....

It is advisable to over react

(21 votes, average: 3.57 out of 5)

It is advisable to over reactwhenever ur partner is in trouble.It is an opportunity to expressyour love and solitude to him..

Coins Always Make Sound

(154 votes, average: 4.01 out of 5)


Want to know how rich you are

(144 votes, average: 4.10 out of 5)

Whenever u want to know how rich u are,Don't count Ur resources,Just drop a tear&look around at the number of handsthat reach out to wipe ur tears!!!

Become victim or victorious

(96 votes, average: 3.94 out of 5)

Every test in our lifemakes us bitter or better,

Every problem comesto make us or break us,

Choice is our whetherwe become victim or victorious..!!

When your time is good / Bad

(80 votes, average: 4.20 out of 5)

When your time is goodyour mistakes r taken as a joke

Butwhen when ur time is badeven ur jokes are noticed as mistakes

The biggest enemy of success

(160 votes, average: 3.79 out of 5)

The biggest enemy of success is "Fear of failure"So when FEAR knocks at your DOOR,send COURAGE to open the DOORandsuccess will wait for you.

You can't have a better tomorrow

(90 votes, average: 4.08 out of 5)

You can't have a bettertomorrow if you arethinking aboutyesterday all the time.

Charles F. Kettering

Effective lines for adjustment & argument

(62 votes, average: 3.84 out of 5)

1."Adjustment is always better than Argument"2."A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words"

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